A Guide On Annulments In Nevada

Annulment of marriage is the official termination of a marriage. You may wonder how this is different from divorce since they both have a similar definition. Annulment is more severe than divorce. It goes further than just ending a marriage. It also treats the marriage like it never existed because it should not have happened in the first place.

In simple terms, a Las Vegas annulment is a process of declaring a marriage null and void by a court. On the other hand, divorce only ends a marriage but still recognizes that it existed between the parties involved. To file for an annulment, you must prove your ground beyond reasonable doubts. While there may be many reasons to file annulment, the common grounds are:

1.Underage marriage
2.Inability to have sexual intercourse
3.Mental Incapacitation/Mental illness
4.Incestuous marriage
6.Forced Consent

1.Underage Marriage

When either or both parties of marriage were too young to get married without court approval or the consent of their parents, it can lead to an annulment. Even if they are old enough to get married at the time the annulment was filed, the marriage can still be annulled because it should not have taken place ab initio.

2.Inability to have sexual intercourse

If either of the parties is found to be unable to have sexual intercourse before the marriage took place, it can be annulled. However, it could be turned to divorce if the incapacitation occurred after the marriage took place.

3.Mental Incapacitation or Mental Illness

This occurs when either party was not in his/her right senses at the point of getting married. This could be as a result of being drunk or being mentally ill. You’re probably wondering why someone will get married to a mentally ill person. (S)he could have inherited a fortune or be an heir/heiress to it.

4.Incestuous Marriage

Marriage between two people with a familial relationship is prohibited by law and should not take place at all. For instance, your child cannot marry your brother’s child under any circumstances.


If either party was deceived into getting married or agreed to it because of certain false knowledge, it is a good ground for filing an annulment. This usually happens when a party lied to the other about his or her financial status. When the other party finds out, (s)he can seek an annulment of the marriage.

6.Forced Consent

A marriage based on forced consent is a good ground. One party may be financially indebted to the other, and the creditor party may ask for marriage in exchange for payment. A party can also blackmail the other party into marriage. Both types of marriage should not take place and can be annulled if proven.


This situation occurs when one of the parties gets married while still being married to someone else. This is often not deliberate. People often mistakenly get married while the divorce of their existing marriage is still in process. You can date someone else but never get married until you are officially divorced. If not, your ex-spouse could use it against you.


There may be other grounds for filing an annulment of marriage, but the ones above are the common ones. Besides, annulment seeks to correct a marriage that should not have occurred in the first place, and the party seeking annulment must be able to prove the grounds beyond reasonable doubts.

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